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Russian manor houses at the turn of the century

This tour was organized by the tour operator «Travel and Excursion Bureau «Djintour» and received recommendations from the ATOR

Duration: 3 days/2 nights

A tour through the manors of the Tambov region from the early 19th to the middle of the 20th centuries will acquaint the tour participants with the history of the region, the lives and works of prominent figures, such as: poet E. Baratynsky; composers S. Rachmaninov, P. Tchaikovsky, V. Agapkin, I. Shatrov; artists A. Gerasimov, F. Vasilyev and D. Polenov; scientist I. Michurin; writers M. Lermontov, S. Sergeyev-Tsensky, A. Novikov-Priboy.

from 8000 rubles per person


Arrival to Tambov. A guide meets you at the train carriage. We recommend train № 031 (Moscow-Tambov) that arrives at 7.30 am.

1 day

08.00 Breakfast in a cafe

09.00 Tambov sightseeing tour. The excursion route includes all the most interesting monuments of history and architecture of the city. On the 1st day you can buy souvenirs to remember the trip, for instance, socks, sweets "Tambovskaya kaznacheysha", "Tambovskiy volk", Tambov honey, Tambov deli meat.

12.00 Excursion to the Tambov Regional Museum of Local Lore

13.30-14.30 Lunch in a cafe

15.00 Visit to the G.V. Chicherin House-Museum.

17.00 Accommodation at the hotel

Free time

2 day

08.00 Breakfast in the hotel cafe

09.00 Meeting with the tour guide in the hotel lobby

10.00 Excursion to the merchant's manor of the great Tambov manufacturer M.V.Aseev. The manor is recognized as one of the most impressive mansions in Russia and is a classic example of Russian Art Nouveau architecture. (A theatrical tour may be ordered for an additional fee*).

11.00 Departure to the S.V. Rachmaninov Museum in Ivanovka village

13.30 Visit to the manor of the Great Russian composer - S.V. Rachmaninov. (Piano concert and tea drinking at the manor for an extra charge)*.

16.00 Departure to Tambov

18.30 Dinner in a cafe

Free time

3 day

08.30 Breakfast in the hotel cafe

09.30 Departure to Michurinsk

10.30-12.00 Excursion around Michurinsk. Visit to Bogolyubsky Cathedral

12.00 Visit to the Michurin House-Museum - the Soviet scientist's estate. Near the house, Michurin founded a nursery garden, on the basis of which a fruit station and a genetic laboratory were later organized. Visit to the patriarchal oak tree. Tasting of "Michurin's" apples.

14.00 -15.00 Lunch in the cafe with elements of traditional cuisine, the obligatory dish being the well-known in Russia Tambov potatoes and ham.

15.00-17.00 Visit to the house-museum of Soviet artist A.M. Gerasimov and the exhibition hall with an exposition of his works. It contains the original belongings of Gerasimov's family - furniture, documents, and photographs, showing the artist's entire life.

17.00 Transfer to Michurinsk railway station. Departure to Moscow


Accommodation in the hotel





Hotel «Slavyanskaya» 3*  
double room





Hotel «Slavyanskaya» 3*  
single room





Hotel «Galereya» 4*  
double room





Hotel «Galereya» 4*  
single room






The price is per person.

What’s included in the price:

  • accommodation with all amenities
  • catering (3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinner)
  • excursions mentioned in the program
  • tickets to sites visited
  • all relevant transfers and transportation on tour

Extra payment:  

  • additional meals (from 380 roubles per person)
  • air / rail tickets
  • visa
  • insurance
  • additional excursions marked by *


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